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Civic 1.5 L-4 84-87 EWI D15A, SOHC, PE0 $100.00 $380.00

Civic 1.5 L-4 85-87 EW3, D15A3, SOHC, PE7 $100.00 $420.00

Accord 1.8 L-4 84-85 ES2/ ESC, SOHC, PD2A $60.00 $355.00

Prelude 2 L-4 86-89 A20A3, PJ0 $60.00 $370.00

Prelude 2.05 L-4 90-91 B21A1, DOHC, PK3 $200.00 $545.00

Model Eng. Size Cyl. Year         Description                             Core Price          Wholesale Price

Model Eng. Size Cyl. Year         Description                             Core Price          Wholesale Price

Model Eng. Size Cyl. Year         Description                             Core Price          Wholesale Price



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