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Festiva 1.3 L-4 97 SOHC, #B301Mazda Eng, $75.00  $345.00

Escort 1.8 L-4 91-97 DOHC, #BP05 Mazda Engine $100.00 $395.00

Escort 1.9 L-4 85-97 SOHC, E5/ E6, Carb./ Fuel Injection Flat Cam $60.00 $345.00

Escort 1.9 L-4 87-89 SOHC, E7/ E8 "D" Shape Chamber Roll/Non Roll$60.00 $380.00

Escort 1.9 L-4 87-89 SOHC, E7/ E8 Round Combustion Chamber Roller/ Non $60.00 $400.00

Escort 1.9 L-4 91 SEFI, FO/ FI, "D" Roller with Dist Gear on Cam $75.00 $380.00

Escort 1.9 L-4 91-92 SEFI, FO/ FI, "D" Roller with Dist Gear on Cam $75.00 $380.00

Escort 2 L-4 97 F7 "D"   $75.00 $400.00

Ranger 2 L-4 83-88 SOHC $50.00 $370.00

Probe 2.2 L-4 89-92 SOHC 12V, F201 FZZO Mazda Eng $100.00 $380.00

Model Eng. Size Cyl. Year         Description                             Core Price          Wholesale Price

Ranger 2.3 L-4 74-93 SOHC $75.00 $370.00

Tempo, Topaz 2.3 L-4 84-94 H.S.C. OHV #E43, E63, E73, E83, F13 $50.00 $305.00

Taurus, Sable 2.5 L-4 86-91 HSC OHV, E63 $50.00 $305.00

Aero Star, Ranger 2.9 V-6 86-90 OHV $75.00 $280.00

Villager 3 V-6 93-96 VG30E, SOHC Mazda Eng. $100.00 $345.00

Aero Star, Sable 3V-6 86-95 E6AE, EGAE, E9DE, F2OE, OHV $50.00 $245.00

Thunder Bird 3.8 V-6 88-96 Fuel Injection, E8DE, E9CE, E9SE $50.00 $245.00

Explorer, Ranger 4 V-6 90-96 OHV $50.00 $280.00

F-E, Truck 4.9 L-6 87-90 E7TE With or without air $75.00 $370.00

Pass, Truck 5 V-8 86-96 Bolt Down Rocker Arms $50.00 $245.00

Model Eng. Size Cyl. Year         Description                             Core Price          Wholesale Price

Pass, Truck 5.8W V-8 86-96 Bolt Down Rocker Arms $50.00 $245.00

Truck Diesel 6.9 V-8 83-88 International $100.00 $395.00

Truck Diesel 7.3 V-8 International $200.00 $445.00

Pass, Truck 7.5 V-8 Carb., Fuel Injection $100.00 $270.00

B2000 2 L-4 83-87 FE, SOHC, F-8 $60.00 $330.00

B2200 2.2 L-4 87-93 FS, SOHC, F-8 $60.00 $330.00

B2600, MPV 2.6 L-4 89-95 G6, SOHC, Mazda Engine $200.00 $495.00

Model Eng. Size Cyl. Year         Description                             Core Price          Wholesale Price



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